My Gear

My Gear


Over the years I have accumulated a reasonable selection of gear, and in general, most of it gets used. Some things are used less often as they are for specific images, but the majority is used month in and month out. As with anything digital, there are also a few add-ons that help but are not strictly camera kit.

DSLR and Lenses

D2x and Aquatica Underwater Housing

Nikon D7000
Nikon Mount Lenses
10.5mm fisheye
35 f1.8
50 f1.8
105 macro
Tamron 150-600mm

Street Photography and General walkabout

Fuji X100T


Anker USB
PowerBlock Rav
Synology RAV
Wacom Tablet
Seagate NAS
Samsun 4TB
SD cards 64GB
Bose Speaker
Noise cancelling earphones
Zoom 4
Affinity Photo
Portrait Pro