Azure Window Gozo Feb 2015

Before and After the collapse of the Azure Window, Gozo

​Azure Window Collapse - March 2017 update.

​The original image of a storm from 2015 is below, but I've updated the main image to show the change in the Azure Window, Dwejra from before and after the collapse in March 2017.

An iconic location, made famous in many films including Game of Thrones has now gone forever.

Such is the force of the sea.

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​Azure Window Gozo Feb 2015

Storm at Azure Window Gozo Feb 2015
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Rob Smith ARPS

Rob has the magic touch with underwater photography – his transformational images of plankton-rich Scottish waters in 1991 made him an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Building on his two passions of scuba diving and photography he became a Freelance Photographer and PADI instructor and lived in Gozo, Malta from 2003 before moving back to Scotland at the end of 2017. Rob’s talent at photography is not confined to the underwater world. He is also an accomplished portrait photographer, and he also shares his local knowledge of the landscape and seascapes during his photo walks.